Travis Kelce’s Confidence Comes From Mom Donna Kelce’s Love of Home Videos

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By Kat Pettibone

Travis Kelces Confidence Comes From Donna Kelces Love of Home Videos

Travis Kelce is revealing the source of his confidence: his mom, Donna Kelce.

“My mom’s home videos, man,” Travis, 34, shared during a Friday, February 2, Kansas City Chiefs press conference. “Just having that camera on me at all times, seeing what silly stuff I’m gonna do next, man. Honestly, I’ve always been comfortable in the rooms that I’ve been in and just been fortunate that I’ve been able to kind of look into a camera with ease, I guess. I don’t know. It’s just having fun out there.”

Travis, who has played as a tight end for the Chiefs since the 2013 NFL draft, confessed that becoming an athlete also helped him come out of his shell after growing up as a timid child.

“I think just having confidence in general and sports for me is where I built my confidence,” he continued. “You probably won’t believe it, but I was a shy kid growing up until I got onto the sports field or the court or the ice rink.”

Travis Kelces Confidence Comes From Donna Kelces Love of Home Videos

It was the “fun,” he added, that ultimately let him show off his personality. “I was having success, and that just kind of propelled me to have confidence in life,” he said.

Travis has been a household name in the NFL for more than a decade, but the 2023-2024 season thrust him into A-list celebrity status after he began dating girlfriend Taylor Swift in summer 2023. Swift, 34, made her first appearance at a Chiefs game alongside Donna, 71, that September. She has continued to cheer him on ever since, causing the world to invest in the pair’s love story.

In addition to his personal life making headlines, Travis has also made a name for himself in the entertainment industry outside of football.  He’s appeared in various commercials on TV, from State Farm to Campbell’s Chunky Soup, and serves as the spokesperson for biopharmaceutical company Pfizer. He also achieved a lifelong dream in March 2023 of hosting Saturday Night Live.

When asked last month about expanding his career outside of football, Travis confessed that while he’s considered it, he be retiring from the game any time soon.

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“I’ve been fortunate to do a few things outside of the sports world that I’ve been enjoying doing, like getting on camera,” he explained in a January 11 press conference. “The SNL stuff kind of opened up a new happiness and a new career path for me, but it’s funny for me to even say that at this point in my career because I think it’s so much further down the road than it is right now.”

“I have no reason to stop playing football,”  he added. “I love it. We still have success.”

Travis’ next big moment in the spotlight will be for his athletic achievements as the Chiefs are set to face off against the San Fransisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII. The Sunday, February 11, game, which will take place at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium, serves as a rematch between the two teams, who previously competed for the Lombardi trophy in 2020 with the Chiefs taking home the win.

While it’s unconfirmed if Swift will make an appearance at the event due to her Tokyo Eras Tour concerts wrapping up one day prior, Donna will be in the stands cheering her son to victory along with Travis’ dad, Ed Kelce.

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