Heidi Montag Shares How She Became the ‘Best Version’ of Herself After Welcoming Baby No. 2 (Exclusive)

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By Paige Strout 

Heidi Montag is feeling like the “best version” of herself after losing 22 pounds following the birth of her son, Ryker.

“I just had my second baby, and I learned from my first child that if I didn’t get back in the gym and really get that strength immediately, that I would end up with back problems,” Montag, 37, exclusively told Us Weekly while chatting about her partnership with Hydroxycut. “So, I wanted to be the best version of myself and I thought, ‘It is time to start working out as soon as possible.’”

Montag and her husband, Spencer Pratt, welcomed their son, Ryker, now 13 months, in November 2022. The couple, who wed in 2008, also share 6-year-old son, Gunner.

As a “tired [and] busy” mom of two, Montag told Us that she “needed something else” to help with her post-birth body transformation, and she found it in the weight loss supplement Hydroxycut.

“I thought it’d be a really great one to incorporate into just the lifestyle that I was wanting to accomplish,” she said. “And they have multivitamins mixed in with it, and it gives me that energy as a mom of two that I need to get through the rest of the day. So, it was the perfect solution to incorporate into my goal, [which] is to be the best version of myself.”

In addition to Hydroxycut, Montag prioritizes eating the “healthiest possible food” and getting in a good workout. “It’s about getting in the gym, for me, and being able to lift weights,” she shared. “I lift weights from three to five times a week, which I personally love. And then, being able to do other activities — going hiking, getting outside and being with the boys and playing soccer and running around.”

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something Montag hopes she passes down to her kids. “It’s also great to set that example for your kids and to show them, like, ‘Mom eats healthy. Dad eats healthy, let’s all eat healthy together,’” she told Us. “My mom says I have the healthiest kids of anyone she’s seen. I do try to [get] the healthiest foods for them. I obviously don’t want to deprive them of being children, so it’s all about balance for them.”

Pratt, 40, for his part, has embarked on a health journey of his own. “I think that he just wants to build the most muscles, too,” Montag revealed. “And so, he is in a gym and on his path, so we’re on the same path and different paths at the same time.”

While Montag noted that she and her husband — who met while filming the reality series The Hills — “used to be really competitive in the gym,” Pratt now lets her enjoy some time alone while working out. “Spencer has really stepped up and supported me completely, and he’s like, ‘No, it’s your time. Definitely get in the gym. I got the boys. I want you to focus on yourself and feel really good about yourself,’” the former MTV star shared.

At the end of the day, Montag told Us she isn’t focused on “comparing myself to anyone else,” but rather wants to be the “healthiest mom” she can be for her boys. “It was just a really good way to be able to have some more time for myself because as a mom, you sacrifice so much. ‘Oh, I’ll do this later or I’ll do that.’ So, having that support from Spencer made it possible,” she concluded.

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