Drew and Jonathan Scott Bring New Year Cheer to Hollywood’s Loved Ones in ‘Celebrity IOU’

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By Kaitlin Simpson 

Drew and Jonathan Scott Bring Cheer in Celebrity IOU Season 7

Drew and Jonathan Scott are helping a bunch of stars pay it forward on the upcoming season of Celebrity IOU.

“Every little moment working on these heartfelt renovations is incredibly meaningful,” Jonathan, 45, shared in a November HGTV press release. “Drew and I can’t wait to help each celebrity tackle renovation and design while also having fun in the process. It’s all part of the journey that makes the big reveals for their loved ones ever more worth it.”

Drew, also 45, echoed similar sentiments to his brother.

“Every reveal is an emotional roller coaster,” he added. “Nothing is sweeter than handing the keys back to someone who is truly deserving of a life-changing renovation.”

Season 4 of the HGTV series premieres on Monday, January 1 and will run for eight episodes. In each episode, the home improvement brothers are joined by a star who wants to give back to someone who has made an impact on their life. Guests for season include Sterling K. BrownRosario DawsonZoe SaldanaFran DrescherRay Romano and more A-list celebrities.

The premiere will kick off with Romano, 65, who sought out the help of the Property Brothers alums to help him create a luxurious suite for his close friend who has served as his assistant for the past 23 years. Drew, Jonathan and Romano team up to update his pal’s abode and give it a well-deserved makeover.

Drew and Jonathan got their start on HGTV in 2011 on their hit series, The Property Brothers. On the show, the duo helped couples in search of fixer-uppers they could transform into their dream home.

While the real estate show last ran its 14th season in 2019, it was never officially canceled by the network. Instead, the Scott brothers have gone on to do several other spinoff series and specials including Brother vs. BrotherProperty Brothers: At HomeA Very Brady RenovationCelebrity IOU and more.

In December 2019, Jonathan exclusively opened up to Us Weekly about the success he and his brother had found in their media empire.

“The one nice thing with our show is we’re not pretending to be somebody else. So, when people meet us on the street, they’re like, ‘Oh, my gosh. You’re exactly like you are on the show.’ It’s because that’s exactly who I am on the show,” he told Us. “I don’t think people quite understand. They see a couple of design guys and they’re like, ‘Oh, you know, that’s nice. They do a design show and construction, real estate.’ They don’t realize the magnitude of what we’ve been focused on in building our brand and really using our platform to work with nonprofits and charities to focus on stuff that we’re passionate about.”

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